Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Shining Tree is a unique resource centre, dedicated to promoting awareness in health through Holistic health therapies.

From our Norfolk centre, we use a “treat and teach” principle, so that patients are empowered to look after their own health.

The Wong Blog

A Neigong Journey

19th February 2016

Welcome. To those uninitiated with the Internal Chinese Martial Arts or Neigong, a brief introduction would be useful. Neigong means internal cultivation; Westerners are more familiar with the word “Qigong” – breath cultivation.

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making orange lentil dahl.

15th July 2014

Check out the photo album on our facebook page  to see how to make orange lentil dahl. Delicious great protein high in soluble fibre high in plant oestrogen and sterols quick and easy to make can be frozen once cooked

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