Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Summer and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

An amazing time of growth, joy and reflection. In Traditional Chinese medicine we can use the generation cycle of the Five Elements, to see the mother element of Wood and associated season Spring comes forth the element Fire and its associated season of High Summer.
Connect to you “Fire” energy by appreciating all good aspects of your life including your physical body, mind and spirit. Remind yourself to feel joy and love through your heart centre.

The Heart and Small intestines are organs associated with high Summer, this means eating foods which are naturally bitter flavour with the glory of the sunny days this include lettuce, rhubarb, dandelion leaf, asparagus,, chicory, kohlrabi, grapefruit, radish leaf, samphire sea greens, apricot seed. You are welcome to join in on the Living foods Workshop, where we show you how to sprout the above bitter foods, plus many more. E-mail for details.
Help your summer energy with basic principles of wellness by eating, sleeping and breathing well and making a commitment to moving your body to be full of the aliveness of fire!
Go ahead and try it now, feel your Fire meridian channel. Sit right back in your chair with your feet parallel and flat on the ground, let your arms fold and make a cross at your wrists crossing your chest, gently breath slowly and naturally with awareness. Visualise “breathing in” the colour red and allow yourself to feel joy!!
Come and Join our yoga class and awaken your Five Elements, including your heart centre.
Enjoy this Summer……. like it’s your very first!