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Shining Tree
First you crawl, then you walk, then you run, then you chase the moon.
Just saw the programme “The Young Ones”  on BBC1, about a group of celebrities in their seventies with ill health entering an experiment where by various activities, their biological age and range of activities improved dramatically.
The general consensus was that once their minds were activated, their bodies responded, even to the degree where Sylvia Simms said even her pain had lessen.The verdict of the presenters were that of “Mind over matter”.
In Chinese Tail Chi Chuan,we talk about the concept of “Yi”.  Yi means mind or intention or focus or direction; for without intention or focus or direction we are not going anywhere. Maybe that is why the elderly can have such problems, as once we get old we are not supposed to be going anywhere!
I have a problem with this old chestnut of “Mind over matter”. It is always given in explanation by someone for an event that they can’t explain, a typical example of arrogance and ignorance. I believe it more a case of “Mind and matter”. Once we have intention-Yi, we can then mobilise our vital energy- Qi and start healing the body. All improvements can and must be explained scientifically in terms of anatomy and physiology, in a way that anyone can understand. A very striking example is a chap called Bill Horlicks who came to see me in clinic with a very bad back at the age of 85, who ended up not just independent but doing yoga and Qigong classes with me .
There is a lovely saying in Internal Chinese Martial Arts: ” First you crawl, then you walk, then you run, and then you chase the moon”. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, it is the same journey, as long as you have the intention, you will chase the moon.
At Shining Tree we can show you how.