Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Children under 6 years old absorb from others and the world around them the thought processes, opinions and belief systems that often influences them for the rest of their life whether they like it or not. We can change programmed destructive patterns within us later on by getting into the same state of awareness that we were when we were young. In this hypnagogic or meditative state we are able to recognise dysfunctional patterns operating within us and reprogram our subconscious and bring it into alignment with values which would help us to function more productively in the world.


There is also an iceberg analogy that someone kindly sent to me recently

Only 10% of an iceberg is visible on the surface, 90% is under the waterline, invisible, yet very significant.

If the wind is coming from left to right, just by seeing the visible mass, we may mistakenly think it will move the iceberg to towards the right.  If, against all expectations, the iceberg moves in the opposite direction (left), it is because, under the waterline, there is a strong current running towards the left.

Sometimes we, as leaders, try to move people in a certain direction by giving them orders, instructions, explanations and encouragement, and we do it on the basis of what we see above the surface. We do not see what moves them under the surface so we can be surprised and maybe frustrated seeing them move in the opposite direction.  Like the 90% submerged part of the iceberg, the subconscious too overrides any surface influence.  Under the surface (subconscious) you will find emotions, fears, attitudes, deeply held values etc. So it is imperative that we are able to bring those subconscious under currents to a stillness and calm. This stabilises the iceberg and enables it to remain unmoved in the face of influence from the surface as well as below the surface.

If we take this analogy to a real life situation where someone is trying to provoke you, then by being still inside, the external trigger has little or no effect on the opinions and beliefs in your sub-conscious. You have in effect temporarily suspended activity in your subconscious through your practise of bringing stillness and calm to your otherwise busy and automatically reactive programmed subconscious. This is the healing power of meditation.