Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Picture the situation. You are at your doctor’s surgery. You have a chronic health problem and nothing that he gives you helps, in fact, you have developed secondary symptoms and problems as a result of the medication that you have been taking. You do feel grateful, as you have had a battery of tests, investigations and seen loads of different consultants . You ‘ve got IBS, chronic arthritis, hormonal problems, migraine, you are overweight, stressed and you are getting on in years as well. Is it any wonder that you feel you will never, never get better or have a better quality of life.

Out of desperation you seek”alternative” therapies to help yourself. Often we pick a therapy by what we have read in magazines, what celebrities have had done and what friends might have recommended……..not exactly a very scientific way of trying to find someone to help improve your life! Some people are so debilitated and desperate they even have Colon Hydrotherapy! A very good treatment, I might add, although you might think I am biased! So you pluck up the courage to tell your doctor that you are seeing another therapist. You are nervous because you don’t want to offend him/her. In fact, in decades past, some GPs have taken patients off their list for seeing an alternative practitioner. Times have changed and some doctors will now recommend patients to see various therapists. My only concern is that often they have no experience themselves of the therapy they are recommending. I like to think that if I was recommending something to you, be it Colon Hydrotherapy or a new biomass boiler system; I would bore the pants off you with the intricacies of the subject matter, as I know both areas intimately. My GP sometimes recommends patients to me . He tells me that the patients who come from him are generally satisfied with my treatments. I don’t think he actually know what I do, other then I use to be a nurse and I treated one of his family ( successfully thank God!). His recommendation is probably based on the fact that I have a nursing background and that he knows colleagues and family who has been to me. Most of my patients who comes to me don’t really know what my qualifications are……….because they come to get better, not just for a therapy.

Once you have told him, you might get two reactions. He would either be defensive , as you are basically telling him that he is not able to help you. Or he will say to you: “If it makes you feel better,do it”. Strange comment! If you adolescent son came and informed you he was taking up hard drugs, would you say “if it makes you feel better,do it”?

Now what does he mean. He could mean that he really really wants the best for you. As conventional medicine can’t help you, he supports you in exploring a holistic and naturopathic approach to health, where you want to be educated and empowered to take control of your life and make a good relationship with your body, learning to understand and respect it.

Or he could think that you a gullible idiot with more money than sense. don’t you know that chronic health problems can’t be cured? Why do you think they are called chronic? You are over sixty years old, you should have pain, shouldn’t you? Even if you do improve, it’s only the placebo effect, purely mind over matter.

What are your reasons for having complementary treatments?