Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Saw an advert on the TV last night. One was for a new movie system from XBox which was voice activated. While on one level, it seems very positive and a sign of progress in technology; on another level, it’s another opportunity for us to sit on our bum and do even less.

Technology should make our life easier so that we can have more time exploring and making relationships with our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Rather, it has become the golden cow that all everyone wants to worship. Materialism has become the new god to all. Brainwashing and indoctrination is so clever and subtle, you have to admire them…just see the adverts. Buddha said that life is an illusion or a dream. The story of the Emperor’s new clothes demonstrate this……. if ever body around you believe something to be true, it must be true. So how much of what we believe in is our own actual perception and how much of it is manipulation ?

So who do we blame? The bankers? The marketing gurus ( I really believe that if they wanted to, they can persuade you to eat your own baby)? Tesco?

The above is merely a reflection of a part of our own nature. So if we hate them, we are merely hating an aspect of ourselves. If we don’t want to be led and controlled then we must stop acting like sheep, we must all become shepherds- our own shepherd. When the negative aspects of ourselves are balanced by our positives aspect, then  the bankers, PR gurus. Tesco and other tyrants and manipulators will disappear like the illusions that they are.

How do we get that balance………….. you got it-meditate.