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Shining Tree

I saw a patient today, someone that  I haven’t seen for a while. When Anne ( not her real name )first came to see me, what came across was a lovely vibrant , focused and capable  business woman who was also vivacious and fun. She was totally exhausted, burning the candle at both ends……..usual story . Through treatments,followed by two retreats at Shining Tree, she appeared to have got the message, and hopefully her life would be more balanced with the right support systems and not just work, work work.

Through a mutual friend, I was made aware of her progress, and it wasn’t good. The project that she was so passionate about crashed and burned, taking with it  all her savings. The free lance work that she did successfully also seemed to have dried up, probably not helped by her dis-illusionment   about life in general. Like most dramas in life , this was compounded by two failed relationships .

My friend rang me this morning, and said that Anne had stayed overnight at his and had a severe backache and could I see her for a treatment in his place. Interesting to think that he rang up for her and will pay for her treatment, because he is a generous, lovely man. Why didn’t Anne suggest the treatment herself? Was she really that hard up that she couldn’t afford to book a treatment for herself? Was she embarrassed to see me?

It was lovely to see Anne again. She did look tired, almost a shell of the person that I first met. Typical exhaustion symptoms- aches and pain, tiredness and lethargy. Those  who knows me,knows that I do  a lot of nagging as part of my treatment, I justify this by telling patients that if I didn’t care,about them, I wouldn’t bother to nag;  just save my breath and take the money. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus… it is said. Well, a lot of the time my advice is generally Martian in nature, sometimes people need to be told where to get off; I don’t mind someone letting off steam now and again, but if the person goes on and on repeatedly about the same issue, then martian know-how is definitely required.

Anne told me that she was ready now to start again and she was even going to cut her hair short as a symbol of a new beginning. She wanted to get her health back and become a therapist to help others and was considering doing an NLP course to get the ball rolling. I commended her for wanting to get well and to share her knowledge with others, after all that is what my own journey is all about. However, I reminded her that she already had all the knowledge she needed from all the treatments, and retreats she had experienced at Shining Tree. She has in-depth understanding of theory and practice of nutrition, Yoga, Qigong and meditation. That is the same knowledge base from which I try to live my life and share with my patients and students.Why do you want to learn anything else? I asked her. It seems that a lot of us has this tendency to be like butterflies, flying around from one thing to another, never achieving anything, only to find out later that we had it all along.

I said to Anne that even if she was given a lot of material wealth tomorrow, or maybe . the project that failed so miserably for her had succeeded, she still would not be happy. Our happiness come from our inner wealth. When we have that, then our external environment will reflect this, be it relationhips,work or material wealth. As long as we have enough external and material wealth to live on, why do we need more? If there is uncertainty in our lives, what do we do? We meditate and look inwards for the answers. Wouldn’t it be boring if we cruised through life without making any mistakes? We’d never learn anything!

Anne seemed to take on board what I shared with her. ” I just need to get back on the horse” she said to me with her normal verve and enthusiasm. No, I replied. There is a Chinese proverb which goes: when your horse dies… walk, I told Anne. “Don’t get back on the horse, in fact, don’t rely on any horse.Walk on your own two feet. Rely on yourself, meditate , find that inner wisdom”.