Shining Tree
Shining Tree

On this special day, whether it is because you try to follow the example set by Jesus of Nazareth, or you see this time purely as a time to spend with your family.

Just take a moment out and just “Be”.

There is a danger that we are so busy rushing around and doing stuff, we lose sight of who we are and even why we are rushing around.The example set by guys like Jesus and Buddha are about giving of themselves…not material things; but of unconditionality, of non-judgement, of gentleness, of kindness, of generosity, of love. Sadly to say, non of the above qualities are shown by the institutions such as governments and religious organisations which rules our lives. These institutions are a reflection of our collective consciousness.

They will only change when we grow and evolve. We can all “give”, we can all grow, we can all love.

Om Shanti