Shining Tree
Shining Tree
Do you need a panel of "experts" to tell you that you should treat the elderly with
dignity and compassion?
It seems that "care" staff in the NHS do.

In my nursing journey, we were low paid ,not academic, and the reason to become a
nurse was to care for people.Nowadays it is a profession and career. Nurses with
degrees do not want to clean up shit......if they do they they can't do it with
love or consistently for a whole shift. Modern nurses today are generally too fat
and unhealthy to work physically hard for eight to twelve hours! Meoww!!

We used to have the odd degree nurses in the 1980s, the general opinion was that
they didn't want to get there hands dirty and wanted to become prophetic.

One of my patient who was working in recruitment in a top hotel said the following:
"We recruit "nice" people to train,you can't train people to be nice"
It is only when you have respect, compassion and love for yourself that you can
feel those emotions for other people. It is the society we live in which shapes
our attitude. We live in a highly materialistic & selfish society, manipulated by
powerful organisations to stay shallow and selfish......captive audience.We are now
just a flock of sheep there to be exploited for their gain. I didn't have a tent
 outside St Pauls, honest!!

Our true budhha nature is that of compassion and love and empathy.
So come on you fat, unhealthy and ingorant nurses. come to Shining
Tree and find your true nature.
Meditation every Friday 11.30am. It's catch!!