Shining Tree
Shining Tree

I have an acronym that  I share with my patients and it is: S L A B

S  the inner smile, loving detachment, putting 120% effort into everything that we do but don’t take anything too seriously. Doing the best we can but don’t be a slave to success or failure. The journey is all…….success and failure is not always what we perceive it to be.

L   Awareness in the yogic locking system (root, abdominal and throat ) There is a direct relationship with the Yogic locks/ Chakras, acupuncture points of the Conception and Governor Vessel channels and the Autonomic nervous system ganglions. This is where East meets West, and I believe that using Yogic breathing awareness with my Tai Chi  enhances it from a healing prospective. It should definitely help with the nervous system . Check out the Yogic lock techniques in the following link:

A  Attitude is most important . I sincerely believe that our thoughts are energy and what goes out always comes back. Our attitude of life creates our reality. My two attitudes  are always gratitude and appreciation of all the things I have. What do I have? I have my family and people around me with whom I learn and grow with……I am a  wealthy man!

B  Breath, Prana, Qi , Vital essence, Pyscho-physiological energy.Breathing deep, breathing slow, nourishing and healing the body and mind. Breathing also means movement, non-stagnation, change and growth.

If we apply SLAB to all that we do, all will be well. Really ? Yes. But we must own it and our attitude and smile must be heartfelt and genuine.

Om Shanti