Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Safe clinical practice with regard to prevention of infection and cross infection has always been paramount.

James Wong is a qualified general nurse and spent seventeen years specialising in acute and care of the
elderly medical nursing.

The threat of COVID19 will test the robustness of our protocols to keep our patients and ourselves safe.

The following practises are adhered to strictly in our clinic.

  1. To ensure that patients do not have any COVID symptoms prior to booking an appointment.
    Patient to inform us to cancel the appointment if unwell.
  2. We will be in full PPE when in contact with patients.
  3. All surfaces in clinical areas and toilet changing areas will be disinfected thoroughly between patients.
  4. The only soft material in the clinic will be the disposable couch roll that the patient lies on in treatment.
  5. Do the patients need any PPE? We don’t think so.

The patient’s temperature will be checked with a non contact infrared thermometer whilst in their car.
The patient will use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the centre.

Each patient will be escorted in and out of the centre and will not see anyone else except for the therapist .

The air in the centre and clinical areas will be regularly sprayed with disinfectant.
It is vital that both the patient and ourselves feel safe and confident with our infection protocol.

Any concerns or queries you have. Please get in touch with us.