Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Psychopaths, sociopaths, schoolyard bullies, rapists and murderers. Do they all share the same DNA, but only by varying degrees? Or do we all have the potential to behave and act in the same manner?

Do each of us have the potential to be a Hitler or a Putin? Do each of us have the potential to be a Buddha or a Christ?

Animals will try to ensure that their genes survive above those of others, so isn’t that the survival of the species?

A dominant lion that takes over a pride will kill the cubs that are not his….genocide. So genocide is a tool in the “natural” order? So does that makes it okay for our species to commit genocide? Surely not, when we think that we are better than the rest of the other animal species.

What are the characteristics of those who take what they want.                                                                                        1. they take because they can.  2. they care nothing for the people they hurt while achieving their needs, in fact , unlike other animal species, they actually delight in seeing the suffering of others. 3. their “truths” are what they believe in. Not that it matters as they can take from those they perceive as weak.

So looking at the what our species are doing to ourselves. From anti-vaxxers who believe that taking a vaccine to protect themselves and others is an infringement of their liberty to the invasion of Ukraine by Putin which is an actual taking away of the liberty of a sovereign country. Are we any better than the other animals who put their own interest above that of others?

It would be nice to think that we have evolved. That we have compassion ,that we respect for the boundaries of others, that we try to protect the weak, that we are kind to our planet, that we try to create benevolent , enlightened societies that we can all live and grow in harmony.

But in February 2022,we the human species have not achieve our aspirations.

The meek will inherit the Earth?

All empires, even evil ones will pass. So the weak will inherit the earth…………eventually ?