Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Please see our Covid-19 information for the clinic.

James & Kim are qualified clinicians who specialise in treatments for chronic pain and health problems.

In the era of COVID19, to understand our own health is even more important. Not just passively receiving treatment, but to actively learn to take control of our own health journey.

We offer a range of treatments which draw from a variety of modalities which includes non-invasive Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Nutrition, Colon Hydrotherapy, Swedish Remedial massage, Acupressure, Sports therapy and Laser therapy.

Alternative, Complementary or Holistic?

In the 21st century, nobody should really be talking about “Alternative Therapies”. All Practitioners who are not medical doctors should be seen to complement Conventional Medicine and not be seen as competing for patients. We should also be holistic, recognizing and respecting the patient as “mind, body and spirit”. A 21st century Holistic Health practitioner should not only be treating the patient passively with whatever modality at his/her disposal; but also to actively teach and empower the patient to live a healthy life with no dependency on others.
At Shining Tree we use a “treat and teach” principle, so that our patients are empowered to look after their own health.


The Clinic is open from Tuesday to Saturday

Price Information

Initial Consultation (including treatment) £85*
(Allow upto 2 hours, the detailed session covers medical history, lifestyle, advice and treatment)
Follow-on Treatment (with consultation) £46*
Colonic Hydrotherapy £52*

*At least 24 hours notice has to be given for cancellations or a £25 fee will be charged. Missing an appointment without notice incurs a full charge.