Shining Tree
Shining Tree

At Shining Tree we believe that when we are well; we are energetically, bio-chemically and emotionally balanced.

To be bio-chemically balanced we must eat the right foods. From a health perspective we are living in a worrying time. Chronic disease states such as cancers, heart disease, digestive/bowel problems, depression and allergies are all on the increase. There is no single answer or solution, but nutritional therapy or as we call it: “Good Eating” is where we should start.

At Shining Tree, we help patients identify foods that can cause an allergic trigger, educate people as to what is “acid forming,”, “anti-nutrient” or “mucous forming” and how they affect the body and mind . Knowing what foods to cut out and why is only the beginning, because unless you know what to replace them with, you are going to be very unhappy and even more stressed out!

We at Shining Tree love food, so we love talking about food and will help you replace foods that are irritating your body. Don’t believe us, look at the experiences of patients who have experienced our brand of nutritional therapy.

We will also help you to work out a simple but effective supplement programme of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.