Shining Tree
Shining Tree

Shining Tree Salt Glow is a unique experience, combining the use of Himalayan and Epsom salt, aromatherapy oils, massage, shiatsu with hot /cold compresses.

Some of the many benefits of this wonderful treatment are as follows:

Increase of blood circulation and metabolism to the skin and underlying organs as well as an increase in white and red blood cells to boost nourishment, immunity, detoxification and healing.

The treatment is carried out in the tranquil setting of our pool and sauna area.

A powerful and gentle modality; based on Naturopathic Hydrotherapy principles of healing, the benefits of which includes: an increase to the general circulation of skin and underlying organs, as well as overall metabolism, stimulation of red and white blood cells to boost immunity, nutrition and detoxification.

Salt Glow massage gives the patient a well deserved sense of pampering and luxury. It consists of deep gentle massage with Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) and Himalayan rock salt (containing all the essential minerals that the body needs), the nutrients from these salts are absorbed into the body.

Hot and cool compresses are also applied to the body during the treatment.

This enjoyable treatment can be used as a tool to maintain good health but also as a powerful way to help with the healing of health challenges.