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Our main focus is on your wellbeing, our facilities and classes are on offer to assist you in a healthier way of life;

Indoor Heatied Swimming PoolIndoor Heated Swimming Pool

Our private 20ft x 40ft pool serves two main functions; exercise and relaxation. The water temperature is set around 28-29 degrees centigrade (public pools run at 28 degrees), so you will always feel warm and relaxed. The pool is 4ft deep all round so that less confident swimmers will never feel out of their depth. For people with musculo-skeletal problems, the water is an ideal medium to exercise in, as it gently supports the joints, while offering resistance to help tone up the muscles of the body. The private indoor heated swimming pool is for the exclusive use of members, guests, regular patients and regular students.


Traditionally, the sauna has been used as a method to cleanse the body. Today, In the modern world, as well as cleansing, the relief of aches, pain and relaxation are some of the main benefits. Studies have shown that circulation, lymphatic and respiratory functions can improve along with detoxification of the body.

Opening times for pool and sauna:




9am - 10pm


9am - 10pm


9am - 8.30pm


9am - 10pm


9am - 6pm



We will close the doors half an hour before closing time


Take a five and a half acre field, grass seed it, plant two hundred trees and two thousand whips, dig in a big pond, and voila, you've got yourself a wildlife garden including wildlife areas, pond, and walks.

Since its creation in 2004, the garden has grown dramatically. With tracks and paths, it's ideal for visitors of Shining Tree to relax and get lost in.

The Terrace

The Terrace is our large decking area outside the pool and sauna complex facing the wildlife gardens. For the use of members to relax, read, chat or even to have a picnic in.

The Terrace
  • Open dawn to dusk - free to use (reasonable useage obviously)
  • Open all year round
  • Appropriate footwear required
  • Weather permitting
  • No dogs (sorry)
  • Not suitable for wheelchair access
  • Pond
  • Organic area
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