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Understanding the Ziwumen Healing Arts

An Overview of Neigong practice

All neigong systems have certain principles. They will consist of stationary postures (Zhan Zhuang) and dynamic moving postures. When first learning neigong systems, one first concentrates on learning and understanding the movements, later the co-ordination of breathing and the awareness of dantien are introduced. The Chinese see good health as the development and balance of energy flowing within the energy channels (meridians) of the body, which in turn is connected to systems and organs of the body. This can be achieved by treatment with acupuncture or Tuina (Chinese bodywork); or we can achieve the balance by ourselves by cultivating our body with neigong practice.

From a Western perspective.

Neigong cultivation will result in the increase of oxygen, blood flow and nervous stimulation to all our vital organs, acceleration the rate of nutrients to the body and detoxification as well; we will also strengthen and make flexible our musculo-skeletal system. On a biochemical/physiological level, we will optimize blood biochemistry, increase production of endorphins and serotonin, increase our immune and anti-microbial function and accelerate all our healing processes. Of course, this must be coupled with good nutrition. Because you cannot optimize your health if you are feeding it with rubbish!

Why chose Ziwumen Neigong Healing Arts?

I believe that we do the things we do and meet the people we meet in order to learn, understand and grow. Wuji/Taiji.....potential and possibilities. We might need to experience several systems or work with different teachers, to find what is right for us.

All martial artists will have practiced Neigong/Qigong systems from their own lineage. I myself have worked with the 24 Yin and Yang Neigong and Eight Section Brocade Neigong as taught to me by my teacher Dan Docherty for many years now. Do I need to learn any other systems for my own health journey? Probably not. After saying that, the Ziwumen Arts precedes Tai Chi Chuan by about 800 years. It is a part of Chinese heritage that I am looking forward to exploring.

For those of you who are exploring Neigong for the first time; whether from a health perspective and/or as a therapist/healer. Learning the Ziwumen Healing Arts under the guidance of an experienced healer and martial artist teacher such as Jennifer Lee is a very good place to start.

Zi Wu Men Neigong

Zi Wu Men Neigong tradition encompasses a comprehensive 36 Techniques/Methods. Its healing formula involves cultivating stillness/natural state of being, mental, physical and spiritual. Its martial intent develops internal power and its benefits are often dramatically positive.

Zi Wu Men Detox

Just as in its meditation methods, the Zi Wu Men purification is an essential aspect of training. It was an essential part of ritual to expel poisons from the body during battle and is part of the foundation to higher practice to revitalize the mind, and heightens its efficiency to defend the body from an attack.

Today in modern living, we use this ancient method of purification to obtain vibrant health and spritual well being.

Zi Wu Men Yi Jin Jing (Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic) Phase 1

With its history of more than 800 years, Zi Wu Men Yi Jin Jing is an internal art form (neigong) comprising of a set of exercises co-ordinated with specific breathing techniques and mental concentration. Unlike other neigong/qigong systems, YJJ does not stay in shoulder or horse stance; there is a degree of travel and also a seated section as well , check out the video clip. Practiced diligently, it may improve and enhance the physical health dramatically. It is designed to activate the Microcosmic Orbit, thus benefitting and supporting the internal organs. Blood circulation and immunity will be enhanced, as the practice nurtures the twelve meridian channels benefitting the inner organs, cleanses the marrow and nourishes the brain.

Yi Jin Jing forms the foundation of ZWM healing arts. The practitioner develops YIN (gentleness, 'letting go', and relaxed muscle/mind state), guiding emotions into harmony, tuning good Qi flow and regulating the breath. After Yi Jin Jing, which is seen as phase 1, the practitioner progresses on to Xi Sui Jing.

Xi Sui Jing (Bone Marrow Washing) Phase 2

Bone Marrow Washing was developed during the Song Dynasty from the Water Margin Heroes and Buddhist Abbot Yuan Tong. Its method develops qi that flows internally through the Bone Marrow and externally through the meridians.

It replenishes and nurtures the 5 zang (viscera) organs (solid internal organs such as the liver, lung, spleen, heart and kidneys) and the 6 (fu) internal organs (as in hollow organs such as gallbladder, large intestine, stomach, small intestine, bladder).

Based on the concept of Yin and Yang, also the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, internal organs are paired. For each zang organ, there is a fu organ. At the same time regulating all internal energies. With dilligent practice, the Bone Marrow Washing is able to assist in treating diseases while invigorating and strengthening the body. In particular, it can dramatically increase the capacity of the brain improving its nimbleness and agility, an essential key to longevity.

The Hei Sha Zhang ( Black Sand Palm) Phase 3

In phase 3, the practitioner is at an advanced level of mastery of self and his own Qi. The Hei Sha Zhang (Black Sand Palm)

Zi Wu Men Black Sand Healing Palm is also known as Yin Yang Palm. It is an internal healing technique which dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Initially practiced as a deadly fighting technique, it requires a mastery of internal practice. When used in attack or defense, it leaves a black palm print on its victims and causing devastating internal injury hence its name Black Sand.

It was later in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the 7th generation benafactor DaoYan Chan Si, apart from Yi Jin Jing also developed the Black Sand into a healing method. It was especially used in battlefield when members of the Zi Wu Men school were helping the state resist Japanese invasion and were injured from poison arrows and suffered internal injuries. This Black Hand Healing Palm technique was being used to dispel poisons from the body and to hasten healing from internal injuries.

The Black Sand gong; this can assist eliminate illnesses related to heat, infection and inflammation.

Healing Palm has three phases. The first phase is to develop Yin qualities of energies (yin and dryness). The second phase is to develop Yang qualities of energies (yang gong). This can assist eliminate illnesses related to cold, dampness and weakness. The third phase is to develop power and strength in the palms and fingers. Thereafter depending on its purpose needed, phase three can be combined with phase one or two thus developing a superior art of healing method which is an invaluable tool not only for bodyworkers, therapists and healers but for all who are interested to develop a mastery of their own healing energies.

Objectives of workshop

1. To learn and gain insight and understanding into the practice of these powerful Neigong systems.

2. To leave the workshop with enough knowledge to be able to practice and reap the benefits from the Neigong.

3. To explore further the ZWM arts in the future.

Feedback from workshop

'My medical doctor has also reduced my blood pressure medication by half! The morning stiffness in the fingers have lessened and the arthritic inflammation in my fingers is as good as gone'
Rubina, 72 years old. Berlin, Germany

'..this Yi Jin Jing seems the best to be able to dissolve unwanted bad feelings and emotions that may surface during practice. It feels natural and very comfortable, totally uncomplicated.'
Zhuo Mei Li, 54 years old. Singapore

'My general well-being has improved and I have returned to balance. But more significantly is that since January 2014, my medical checkup confirmed that my bladder is now in its original position. The beginning of incontinence is now gone.'
Catharina, 37 years old. Potsdam, Germany

'After a serious car accident twenty years ago and after going through many operations, the range of my movements have been limited but since practicing Yi Jin Jing, even this has been improved. My balance and my stability have also been improved a great deal. I can now move about in my apartment without a walking stick and even climb a ladder.'
Elisabeth, 90 years old. Neumünster, Germany.

Video clip of YJJ London April 2014


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