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Jennifer’s Bio

Jennifer was born in Singapore; her forefathers were originally from Fujian in China. Singapore is a country rich in the Chinese martial arts, especially after the Chinese communists took over China, which led to a great exodus of masters to Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Jennifer started training in Chinese theatre and dance when she was 7 years old. When she was 9, she started learning kung fu from her great-grandfather. She remembers him fondly. He was a fisherman/merchant and part of the closed-door Ziwumen tradition.

The seas around Malaysia and Indonesia were infested with pirates and learning self defence was survival; and a necessity. The ZWM fishermen would train secretly at night in the wooden huts where they salted the fish.

Jennifer remembered visiting her grandparents every weekend. This is her account of her experience:

“I visited him every weekend. Together with my great-grandmother, they had a little farm after my great-grandfather retired from his fishery and they both fondly called me just 'little piglet' (in dialect).

He was dressed 365 days a year in his fisher black pants and white collarless T and a thick leather belt that held his pants. His belt was old, and I was always fascinated by the little pockets around it that would hold studs and daggers.

He smoked a pipe and used it often as a cane to tap on my legs when I was not standing correctly. He was toothless (almost)…that is how I remember him. ….and with a huge smile. I love him and love 'hanging out’ with him in the yard and perhaps more fascinated trying to count how many teeth he has left than anything else.

So when I do a movement right, he would shake his pipe in approval and gave me a huge smile which gave me a chance to look into his mouth and whatever tooth was left ! Crazy hey? My great-grandmother would grumble at him for teaching me (cos I am a girl and girls are not supposed to be learning these stuff). She would say it would be better to be teaching the boys as they marry in and girls marry out. Family treasure will be lost! My great-grandfather would just shake his pipe, nod his head, mumbled something and we would change position and move away from the main house towards the nearby river and continued our trainings.”

At the age of 13, Jennifer started training in traditional external martial arts and competed nationally in which she won gold for 8 consecutive years. During this part of her journey, Jennifer also qualified as a registered and certified coach and referee.

Parallel to that Jennifer came under the tutelage of HeiHu Shifu - Black Tiger Master. Through him she developed and cultivated all basic principles to internal work. Black Tiger had only 30 closed door disciples and Jennifer was the 2nd youngest.

The next stage of her internal martial development came under the tutelage of Master Zhou Shu Sheng who was acknowledged as China’s Eagle Claw king and 6th generation Liu He Ba Fa grandmaster.
Jennifer’s devotion in sharing and teaching her skills worldwide has resulted in her being awarded the 7th Duan Black belt in 2009 by the San Shou Dao Association in China and awarded the title of ‘World Famous Martial Art Master’ in the book of 100 Extraordinary Martial Artist 2010/11.

Jennifer has now returned full circle to her Ziwumen roots and studies under the tutelage and guidance of Master Song Yi Xiang the 21st lineage holder of Ziwumen in China. Master Song has given Jennifer full permission to take the Ziwumen Arts out into the world.

Besides from her accomplishment as a martial artist, Jennifer is also a well known and respected therapist healer in Singapore. Her training has taken her from her native Singapore to America, Australia, Indo-China and China. Having the experience of working with a full spectrum of medical conditions, which includes supporting patients requiring terminal care, Jennifer has that added advantage of being able to guide students of all abilities in the learning and understanding of the Ziwumen Arts.




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