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What is Ziwumen?

Zi Wu Men Kung Fu, also known as Liang Shan Kung Fu (Liang Mountain Kung Fu) is a major genre of Chinese Martial Art and has its history in the Water Margin.

It was a closed door tradition until recently. Founded in year AD 1131, its historical background began during the end of the Northern Song Dynasty (approximately 1119-1121). A historical figure named Song Jiang, the chief of thirty-six heroes, gathered his men on Liu Gong Shan (Six Palace Mountain), the North of Liang Shan. There, they built a temple and together with Abbot Yuan Tong, they jointly practiced their arts. They went through numerous repeated drills, intensively and repeatedly exchanging ideas and deepening their skills. Song Jiang together with Lu Zhi Shen, Wusong, Yan Qing, Shi Qian, Lin Chong and Gong Sun Sheng were the seven exceptional pioneers who refined all their collated knowledge and techniques which gradually became the embryonic form of Zi Wu Men.

Each Generation of Lineage Holder of Zi Wu Men comprises of Buddhist Monks, priests, Confucian scholars, military strategists and many extraordinary martial artists, each continuously enriching and improving themselves and their techniques.

The art of Yi Jin Jing was founded by Abbot Yuan Tong and Taoist priest Gong Sun Sheng during the Song Dynasty. It was later revived by the 9th Generation Zi Wu Men Lineage Holder, Dao Yan Chan Si. Together with Xi Sui Jing - Bone Marrow Washing Neigong and Hei Sha Zhang - Black Sand Palm Neigong, these three powerful and potent treasures form the core of Ziwumen’s healing arts.

The wealth that Ziwumen has to offer is little known outside of China. It is Jennifer Lee’s quest to introduce these arts, especially the healing arts to the world. This is done with blessing of the 21st Generation Lineage Holder of Ziwumen, Master Song Yi Xiang.

Jennifer performing YJJ and ZWM Kung fu



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